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Many moons ago, a tiny Ash seed fell to the ground. Follow its journey to ancient tree, and discover the life in, on, under and around it.


The second book in The World of Hiddel Brock Wood series, The Tree That Held The Moon is a poetic exploration of the life cycle of trees, and an introduction to trees as woodland habitats. Aimed at 3 to 8 year olds, it is perfect for reading aloud, as well as for early readers. With a wealth of hidden treasures for an immersive storytelling experience, it is ideal for home or a nature education setting.


A joy for nature lovers of all ages, this delightful story of a beloved ash tree brings the woodland vividly to life. With classic hand-drawn illustrations of flora and fauna, it subtly draws children towards a lifelong love of all the wonders nature has to offer.


Printed in the UK with vegetable-based inks on high quality 100% recycled, natural unbleached, carbon-neutral paper. Uncoated and unlaminated, it's plastic-free. Protecting nature whilst connecting with nature.

The Tree that Held the Moon

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