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An excellent gift for a nature loving gardener, big or small! The e-pots Plant Pot Maker and Accessories Gift Set is a time-saving tool that will help gardeners make exquisite paper pots.


THE GIFT SET CONTAINS the e-pots Classic Paper Pot Maker and also extra goodies to enhance the set. 10x wooden plant labels, 5x handcrafted seed envelopes and a handy tree twig pencil. Plus full instructions on how to craft amazing paper plant pots fast & easy.


ECO-FRIENDLY – No waste. No harm. Everything contained within the gift set is fully compostable and so will degrade to become part of the soil. Even the packaging is re-usable! Plus no disturbing seedling roots when potting up like with the plastic pots so your plants are happy and thrive. Simply make a biodegradable paper pot and plant the whole pot straight into the ground or another compostable pot.


REFINED DESIGN – e-pots have refined the tool design. Ensuring the wooden seed starting pot maker is ergonomic, super comfortable and without sharp edges. Even more quality than what you get in the standard pot makers. The classic Paper Pot Maker package includes everything you need and more to easily make economical bio-degradable pots from newspaper.


Paper Pot Maker Gift Set

£14.97 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
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